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Jul 24, 2011 10:00pm PDT
a gun, geraldo, you don't have security. i have a big laugh when they asked me for a security guard. they don't want him to have a gun. don't want to have security, don't have a gun, not having security. i laugh about people hire our company don't want armed people. what good is security? >> geraldo: 93 dead in norway. guess what the maximum sentence this guy is facing. >> is he probably facing six years and eating sardines or something. that's a very liberal country. we know about that. >> there is no death penalty in norway. and the maximum jail time is 21 years and they can't run consecutively so 21 years, this 32-year-old perpetrator is facing 21 years. >> to look at that and look at the bodies that were laying on the coastal line there. and these people were just slaughtered. there for 90 minutes, geraldo. what kills me is that this is the labor party's group there. wouldn't you put some kind of protection just for these kids? if they got hurt there, how would you then, the medevac somebody over there. >> the legend of the peaceful country is shown to be very naive. bo, i will
Jul 25, 2011 12:30am EDT
represented on them but a number were still ter toys in 1897. each of the big semicircular windows. there are fields of -- seals of the states franking the seal of the u.s. -- flanking the seal of the u.s. you have eight allegorical female figures in plaster at the upper level of the reading room, representing the highest pursuits of the human mind. art, philosophy, history, law, and then on the balustrade at the next level down, bronze statues, two in each bay. >> they make a triangle to the female figure up above. if you see two bronze statues next to each other, they don't relate to each other but to the female figure beside them. art is flanked by michelangelo and bay tovep on the other side. the other great feature of the room that a lot of people miss, because it's at the entrance, the great clock by john flanagan. it's not just to tell you what time it is, it is to advise you to be mindful of your time and use it well and we're all here only for a certain period. so as my grandfather would say, make hay while the sunshines. >> the theme of european art mixed with american hi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)